Tuesday, June 2, 2009

DCS Black Shark Review by RAES Includes Comments by Ed Macy

In its latest Aerospace International issue, the Royal Aeronautical Society has published a review of DCS Black Shark (link downloads a pdf file).

Ed Macy, the attack helicopter pilot and author of "Apache", has been consulted for this review and his comments are basically a big thumbs up for the flight simulator.

Mr. Macy commented on the Ka-50 pilots' high workload, and the dangers of target fixation. His expert advice includes also tips for how to use the Ka-50 in air-to-air combat. He also praised the mission editor's flexibility. About scenario editing, his comment on how to add an RPG ambush in an scenario caught my attention. Accoring to him, the RPGer should pop up when the helicopter steps within 1,000 meters. This scenario-editing trick has been scolded many times before, but I always felt it was right. Ambushes are not supposed to be seen until they fire at you.

The following comment by Mr. Macy really made my day:
"I would recommend the Army buy a few copies of this and study it and learn its weaknesses"
DCS Black Shark is a product that warrants praise and recommendation as a study tool from a professional attack helicopter pilot.

On a side note, Ed Macy is a member of the official DCS Black Shark forums. I am looking forward to read more of his expert opinion on how the Ka-50 should be used in different combat situations.


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