Wednesday, June 17, 2009

DCS Black Shark, Patch Delayed Until August

In this thread at the official DCS Black Shark forums, Matt Wagner has stated that the much waited-for patch will be released around August.

From that thread:
Eagle Dynamics Update – 15 June 2009
It’s been a little over a month since the last update, so I thought it time to bring you all up to speed:
1- DCS: Black Shark Update/Patch. The update/patch is still in work but many more of the training tracks are broken due to update/patch changes than we first expected. Moving forward with DCS: A-10C Warthog, it is unlikely we will continue using the track file system for training missions! Between this and a couple of high-priority, time-sensitive tasks that have come up, the update/patch will probably not be released until August 2009. We understand that this is disappointing news to some, but believe me when I say that we want to release the update/patch even more than any of you.
2- DCS: Black Shark Printed Manual. Regarding North American distribution, the manuals have arrived at the distributer’s warehouse and will be sent to both and We apologize for the delay on this.
3- DCS: Black Shark Localization. Our localization manager and the dedicated Spanish translation team are working very hard on finalizing the Spanish version and are now at the release candidate stage.
4- DCS: A-10C Warthog. Not much to report here other than progress is good and it we will go into alpha testing after the Black Shark patch is released. Probably starting in August we’ll be discussing this project in more detail and I will start the Producer Notes soon after. We appreciate the PM beta tester application, but please note that we are not accepting beta tester applications at this time.
5- Lock On: Flaming Cliffs. As mentioned in the last update, we are working on a further evolution of this product line. However, until the software is essentially done, we will not be discussing this in any detail. Sorry.
6- 3rd Party Tools. As some of you may have noticed a Tool Wiki is available here: and forum discussion here: In the near future we will be adding an additional 18 documents regarding terrain construction (kudos to Hawg11). Later in the year we will be adding additional plug-ins and instructional documents to create new aircraft.

Matt Wagner
Producer, TFC/Eagle Dynamics
There is one update that will be available sooner than August and that is a new version of the Georgian Oil War campaign. Again, Matt Wagner in the same thread as above:

Given the unfortunate delay in getting the 1.0.1 patch out, the one item I could released early is an updated version of the included Georgia Oil War campaign. This version includes many adjustments based on user feedback.
Primary changes:
- Various identified scripting errors fixed
- Player killed point penalty removed
- Cold start on all missions that do not have fixed timing issues
- Vista warning removed
- Mission titles based on mission type removed to avoid confusion
- All offensive missions now are rated between 51 and 100 to provide more random mission assignment due to players always trying to max score at 100
- Force on force missions now start player at 50 pts.
- Radar SAMs in third chapter removed
- Recon zones increased to 3,000 meters
- AD systems at route points have even lower random variable settings

Please follow this link to the new Georgian Oil War campaign (v1.1).

This patch better be worth the wait ... Just kidding.

I've just browsed the official forums and there are some disgruntled virtual pilots. Not many.

Waiting ... waiting ...


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