Thursday, June 18, 2009

Combat Mission Shock Force: British Module Featured at "Rock, Paper, Shotgun"

The guys at "Rock, Paper, Shotgun" have published an after action report of "Combat Mission Shock Force: British Module".

I like the guys of RPS. They write very concise and full of humor articles. This after action report was no exception.

If the RPS guys got a review copy, does this mean that the module is near release?

Going through the article, I remembered one of the things I didn't like about Combat Mission Shock Force: scenarios are almost always a cake walk. Look how well the author of the AAR did. Sure, he got some men down, but have you seen the Syrian casualties? Is not only the abysmal casualty figures, is also about the silly ways virtual soldiers get killed. Like walking right into a kill zone, with the corpses of their comrades in plain sight.

I wouldn't know where to point regarding which is the critical thing missing or wrongly modeled in CMSF. Maybe is a combination of several things.

I am under the impression that the grogs waiting for the new CMx2 Normandy game are in for some utter disappointment.


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