Wednesday, April 22, 2009

DCS Black Shark: First Online Mission

Actually it was a while ago. I just didn't have the time to post about it.

It was a great experience to fly with the virtual pilots of the ECV56 "Condor" (Virtual Combat Squadron 56 "Condor"), a fine group of very dedicated Argentinean fans of flight simulation.

The mission was edited by "Argentinen" (ECV56 Condor) and it features a deep strike operation with 4 Ka-50 Russian helicopters attacking a Georgian Patriot missile air defense system located in the mountainous border between Russia and Georgia.

The mission was a partial success. We could destroy a significant amount of missile systems. Alas, we lost three helicopters during the operation. Two pilots ejected to safety and I was "killed" (I guess the missile that struck me killed me in the cockpit).

It was a great experience to fly with brevity code comms, maintaining formation (this is a thing I'm very bad at), and trying to make good tactical use of the terrain.

Some pics of the action follow.

"Charly" (background) and me (forefront) at the main battle position, acquiring targets. Image courtesy of "Argentinen" from ECV56 Condor.

I needed to lower my nose to aim one of my missiles and when I did so I dived down the slope of the mountain. The enemy shot at me with all they had. I narrowly evaded this missile. Image courtesy of "Argentinen" from ECV56 Condor.


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