Thursday, October 23, 2008

Military Grade: Off-the-Shelf War Games Used by the US Military and Military Simulations Available to the War Gamer

In this entry, I will list some war games that were mainly designed for the civilian market and are used ( most of the times with modifications) by the US military services. And vice versa: military simulations that are available for the civilian hobbyist. This list is by no means comprehensive. Please comment below if you know of more.

Initially targeting the civilian market were:
-Steel Beasts, then modified into Steel Beasts Pro and then made available to the public as Steel Beasts ProPE
-Close Combat The Road to Baghdad, then modified into Close Combat Marines and then made available to the public as Close Combat Modern Tactics
-Operation Flashpoint and Armed Assault, the modified into the VBS1/2 series both of which can be purchased by the general public

Initially targeting the military student and then made available to the public were:

-Point of Attack 2
-Decisive Action
-Wargemes from Prosim: Brigade Combat Team, Armored Task Force and all titles that came after these

Then there is this game series which was developed under a US Army contract, aimed towards both US Army trainees and the civilian market (?!): Full Spectrum Warrior.


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